Real-world perspectives on how Web3 is impacting African lives and businesses

In the fall of 2022, the crypto world was rocked by the FTX/SBF scandal. In its aftermath, the founding team at ComiBlock - Nigeria's first Web3 robo-advisor - decided to launch Yuki, a non-custodial wallet service. By March 2023, as Yuki took shape, we realized that many prevailing narratives about Web3 and its potential in Africa did not match the dynamic history unfolding across the continent. To spotlight these real narratives, we started The Frontiers - a podcast highlighting the stories driving the future of money and innovation in Africa. The name The Frontiers, captures the spirit of venturing into new territory and flipping dominant scripts. Drawing on our experience building real-world Web3 infrastructure, we discuss what's possible and still needed for mainstream adoption on the continent. As you've heard, Web 3.0 has the potential to transform trust-based interactions, from finance to identity to politics. The Frontiers is on a journey to explore how this transformation can happen in the African context. Want to chat? email us
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