The Cast -EP 5| Banking African Diaspora: The Dollar Access Opportunity

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Join us for an engaging conversation with Martins Chidume, Co-founder and CEO of SFX, a neobank transforming banking for the African diaspora across Europe.

In this episode, Martins and host Dennismary explore the complex dynamics of serving the African diaspora market. They shed light on how blockchain and stablecoins are making dollar accounts accessible to over 112,000 African students in Türkiye.

Discover the tangible impact stablecoins are having on the daily lives of millions of Africans in Africa and the diaspora. We unravel stories of financial access and liberation enabled by SFX.

Their conversation covered:

👉 What motivated SFX to focus on serving the financial needs of African students studying abroad?

👉 The concept of the “Dollar Access Opportunity” and its relevance to the African diaspora.

👉 The unique challenges African students face when making payments and accessing funds while studying abroad.

About the show:

The Cast, hosted by Dennis, explores and chronicles the ideas and opportunities driving this new digital money movement. ⁠Dennis⁠ interviews leaders, engineers, and operators in blockchain, venture capital, decentralized finance (DeFi), and financial inclusion to get their insights on the future of money and how it will impact the global south.

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The Cast -EP 5| Banking African Diaspora: The Dollar Access Opportunity
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